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Residential Balustrading: Which Fabrication Material Is Ideal for Your Home?

Balustrades are practical features for the home. These structures provide a safety barrier in homes, minimising fall hazards from stairs, balconies and other elevated areas. However, their purpose is not purely functional. You can install balustrading to improve general aesthetic value or define your space for optimal visual impact.

Regardless of your purpose, there are some factors you must consider when planning on installing balustrades in your home. The most important aspect is the material because it will determine cost, appearance, durability and maintenance requirements. Here are some of the ideal materials you should evaluate before making your decision.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular material in balustrade fabrication. This metal is strong and resilient; it will provide a secure barrier in areas with fall hazards. Also, it is durable and resistant to corrosion. Therefore, you will not have to perform constant maintenance, repairs or replacements. You can install this type of balustrading indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. When choosing stainless steel products, check out the different finishes before purchase. This aspect will determine the visual value of the product.


Aluminium is a suitable alternative to stainless steel for both contemporary and traditional home. If you are looking for a metal balustrading system with more design options than steel, this is the ideal choice. Aluminium is a lightweight metal with high machinability. It can be easily fabricated into a range of interesting shapes. For example, you can choose lace balustrades which are available in intricate and delicate-looking designs. Aluminium balustrades are often powder coated for protection. You can select the most suitable colour for your home.


If you do not want to obstruct your scenic view with balustrades, you should think about installing glass balustrading. This type of product is manufactured using safety glass like glass pool fences. The material is resilient, ensuring the security of residents. There are two primary design options to consider if you are interested in glass balustrades: framed and frameless. As implied, framed glass balustrading has metallic frames between each section of panels. The frames provide support and allow for easy installation. Frameless glass balustrades have no frame, just transparent panels. The system is held in place by brackets installed on the ground for optimal safety. The right choice will depend on your personal preference.

There are other excellent materials which you can choose for your residential balustrading, including timber, cast iron, wrought iron and even plastic. Contact companies like Balustrade Design to explore all the possible options before making your decision.