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How to dispose of paints and solvents after painting your house

Painting a house is usually quite safe, but it involves materials that can be hazardous if they get into the environment. Fortunately, there are ways of disposing of paint and other substances without causing environmental hazards.

Don't overbuy

Firstly, make sure you don't buy more paints or solvents than you need. Measure the wall space to find the area you will be covering, and estimate the amount of paint that will do the job. Paint tins usually give the coverage area on the outside, and your supplier will be able to give advice if you are still unsure. The less you buy, the less you will have left over.

Clean brushes responsibly

Clean your brushes in a labelled container kept for the purpose. Don't clean them under a running tap, as this could allow paint to get into the land or waterways. Leave the brushes in the container for a couple of days, and the solid particles and liquids will separate. You can then wrap the solid particles and dispose of them in the household garbage.

Use leftover paint

Rather than throw away leftover paint, think of how you could use it. It might be useful for touching up damaged areas, or you could use it for another smaller project. Your supplier may also tint it to make another colour for use in another part of the house. If you only have a small amount of paint left, tip it onto a newspaper or rag, and then dispose of it in the garbage when it has dried.

Check local rules

Paint containers or aerosols should not be placed in the household garbage, whether they are empty or not. Your local council will have their own rules on the subject and will probably have disposal centres for containers and large amounts of leftover paint. Find out where to take them, and don't try to cheat the rules — they are there to protect the environment for everyone.

Hire a professional

Ultimately, the simplest way to avoid having to dispose of paint is to hire a professional house painter. They will already know all the relevant rules and will have their own systems in place to ensure that paints and hazardous chemicals are disposed of responsibly.

Just get in touch with a professional today, and your house will be painted to the highest standard without any worries about leftover paints and used brushes. For more information, contact a house painter near you.