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How to Use Your Ute Truck to Generate Additional Income

Did you know that in certain places more people own a utility vehicle than a conventional car? If you have a ute truck, then there is no reason why you shouldn't put it to work in addition to using it as your runaround. If you're considering what type of business you could establish with this vehicle, maybe you should consider fitting a crane to help you. What do you need to think about first, however?

Enter the Ute Crane

You may not be aware of their existence, but the ute crane is a particularly compact and strong tool that you can fit onto the rear of your vehicle. It can perform all manner of lifting tasks, which would be ideal if you need to load and unload products as part of your business delivery service. 

Measuring up

Firstly, you need to have a look at different models of crane and assess how much room you have on the flatbed. You may need to make some adjustments to give a little more structural rigidity for the crane. Alternatively, you can buy a crane that is custom-made for the make and model of your vehicle and which will fit safely and effectively with little hassle.


Now, you need to narrow down your choices and figure out exactly what you are going to be hauling, as part of your business venture. Calculate the weight of the material that the crane needs to lift and choose the right type of tool for that purpose. Each crane has different lifting capacities and this information is contained on the load chart. Never try to lift any load that's heavier than recommended as this could cause the crane to fail, or worse could cause your truck to tip over with extensive damage.

Power Source

You will also need to determine whether your crane should have a manual arm or an electrically powered alternative. This has a bearing on the cost, but it also requires you to have a degree of strength in order to swing the load into position manually.

What's Best for You?

Determine your best course of action once you've decided what type of business you're going to establish. The ute crane could be your passport to freedom and part of a significant and successful revenue stream, but have a word with a supplier, so that you choose the right tool for the job from the outset.