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How to install the perfect lawn

If you are looking for a new outdoor covering an artificial lawn is a great choice. If you want to fit a new lawn it's vital to remember that the most important part of any artificial lawn installation is the preparation. Getting the preparation right is essential to producing a lawn that will provide many years of active use for your family.

Before you start

As a part of your preliminary lawn installation, you will need to consider the stability of the ground and the drainage conditions available on the site. Once these basic issues have been thought through you can move on the consider issues such as the required softness of the lawn, the durability of the grass and any creative edge finishing you may need.

What is involved in lawn installation

Installing an artificial lawn has several steps. It starts with the manufacturers sub base construction which is followed by laying the grass and finally the seaming. It is the seaming which is crucial to the final appearance of your lawn. Artificial lawns are normally supplied in two- or four-metre widths. These rolls of grass must be accurately aligned where they are glued together at the seams to create the effect of a real grass lawn.

Creating the edges

What shape is your garden? It's rare that any garden lawn is the perfect rectangular shape. Normally there are obstacles such as paving or trees that get in the way. To create a perfectly consistent lawn for your property it is important that the edges of your lawn are cut right the first time; this will prevent any unnecessary wastage of material and ensure that you are left with a great lawn that is sure to impress your neighbours. Hiring professionals for your lawn installation is the best way to ensure that your lawn edges are consistent and that the lawn is flush to any nearby obstacles.

How durable is your new lawn

One of the most compelling reasons for arranging for professional lawn installation is to ensure the durability of your lawn. Lawns get used quite intensively throughout their lives. They need to cope with pets and children running around on them. Perhaps you or your family like to engage in sporting activities on the lawn as well. In such scenarios it is more important than ever that your lawn is correctly installed to stop the edges or the seams working loose. With proper care and maintenance, artificial lawns can prove themselves to be the most long-lasting and durable outdoor floor covering available.