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Why You Need the Referee on Your Side When You Enter the Home Building Game

If you want to build the home of your dreams, you realise that this is going to be a team operation and that there may be many different individuals and organisations involved, ranging from the bank manager on the finance side, to the interior decorator when it's almost been completed. You may have a fairly good idea who should join this team and be looking at candidates across a broad range of trades. However, have you forgotten one particular individual, who may be more important than all the rest put together? Why do you need to invest in a structural engineer?

Blowing the Whistle

Think of a structural engineer as a referee, whose job it is to lay the law down and make decisions when it comes to argumentative members of the team. In particular, the structural engineer comes in between the architect and the builder to sort out any disagreements.

Handling the Architect and Builder

Of course, these other individuals are very highly skilled at what they do, but they have tunnel vision to a certain extent. They want to make sure that they do the right work and provide you with your finished outcome, but what they are proposing may not be always practical.

An architect is by definition something of a dreamer, as it is their job to try and visualise what you want to achieve. The builder, on the other hand, is all about practicality and works with the tools and resources supplied to convert what's on paper into reality.

Not so Fast

The structural engineer knows what can and cannot be done and may push back against the architect, to ask them to go back (quite literally) to the drawing board. This is not to say that they are the ultimate killjoy, but it is their job to ensure that the building (once built) stays in place for its lifetime.

All-round Knowledge

Most of the best structural engineers have seen the industry from both sides. They may have spent quite a lot of time as an intern learning all about carpentry, bricklaying or general labour and they also have a broad appreciation for the skill of the architect.

Early Intervention

It's a good idea to bring in your structural engineer from the first day, so that costly mistakes are avoided all the way down the line. They may be able to suggest alternative options that will save you money and get the project done, as after all, you cannot wait to realise your dreams and move your family into their home for life.

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