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4 Out-of-the Box Business Ideas Using Storage Lockers

You probably know a lot about storage units and lockers: how to search for them, pack them properly, security features to look for etc. What this article provides are some interesting ideas you can pursue if you're looking to start a business, or you've run out of space in your home or office and need auxiliary space from where to operate. Read on to learn some businesses that can thrive in a small storage unit.

1. Online sales/retail

Whether you're selling things on Amazon, EBay, Etsy, Craigslist or operating your own ecommerce platform, you need a convenient place from which your products can be shipped to your customers. Most people start off working from home, but distance and convenience for customers means you may lose some business when clients demand to view before purchases.

Renting a storage locker conveniently located in the business district/near your target clientele can help you get more business. You'll reduce transportation costs and even be able to receive clients who want to view products before purchase. Depending on what you're selling, be sure to optimize the space to avoid ruining your products while in storage.

2. Office space

If you need to work away from home to be productive, you can actually convert a climate-controlled storage unit into a mini-office. Such units offer security, tranquillity and the right environment for you to get work done away from at-home distractions. They're also cheaper than conventional rental offices.

Of course, you'll need to ensure that the space has good lighting and sockets, as well as good network reception for you to set up internet access. In addition, you can come together with one or two friends and split the cost of rental to make it even cheaper.

3. Hands-on business

You can run several hands-on service businesses from a storage unit: plumbing, painting, tree lopping, electrics and other repair businesses. They provide a safe environment for you to keep your tools and parts, and can even be converted into makeshift offices where you can sit as you wait for business. In addition, you can use the space for work-related tasks e.g. storing repair items while you work on them.

4. Photography and videography

With a little modification, a modern storage unit can make an ideal photo or video studio. Of course, you may need larger units depending on what you want to do. This allows you to fit a desk, laptop and editing equipment where you can work on clients' work in between shoots. You should also get units centrally located depending on where your clients come from so they can reach you easily.