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Why You Should Always Choose Grass to Surround Your New Home

If you're putting the finishing touches to a brand-new home, you may be pleased with your creation and are starting to look at the land that surrounds it. You may be wondering what type of surface to put down for best effect, taking into account the overall cost and maintenance requirements as time goes by. Why is it a good idea to consider surrounding your new home with a traditional lawn, instead of pebbles, pavers or concrete?

Considering the Benefits

Of course, a lawn is a traditional dressing for a front or rear garden and adds significantly to the aesthetic appeal of the property. However, there are a number of other reasons why you should consider this natural approach, ranging from efficiency to safety.

Drought Resistance

Firstly, the majority of grasses available through the Australian market are designed to be resistant to drought. This can, of course, be a significant problem in this land, but these types of grass have root networks that will stretch far below the surface, as they seek out the water table. Due to the complexity of these roots, the soil is kept very tightly in place and will not erode during a rainstorm.

Cooling Effect

You will undoubtedly want to keep your overall air conditioning bills in check as the summer rolls around. Did you know that your lawn can have a significant cooling effect on the property that it surrounds? You will certainly notice this if you opt to lay down concrete instead, as this is likely to increase the ambient temperature in your house, instead.

Environmental Benefits

Grass lawns can be great for the environment in many ways. For example, the root network, the underlying thatch and the blades of the grass all come together to act as a filter and will collect impurities contained within the rainwater. In this way, the water that actually makes its way to the table beneath is much cleaner. Don't forget as well, that grass is a trap for carbon dioxide and will "breathe" oxygen back into the air.

Fire Deterrent

If you live in an area that is very prone to wildfires, you'll want to consider how to protect your home from these risks. Grass is a natural barrier, as it will not burn readily and if you turn your sprinklers on to wet the grass as well, you'll have that additional layer of defence.

Choosing Grass

When you consider all of these benefits, there's really only one choice. Have a word with your lawn and turf supplier, so that you choose the right type of grass for your location and get ready to move into your masterpiece.