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How Can You Make Sure That Your Pool Is a Safe Place to Be This Summer?

If you've recently installed an inground pool alongside your property, you may be looking forward to the summer season ahead and many a long afternoon of family fun. You may have spent a lot of money on this installation and have surrounded it with a high-quality pool deck so that you can add a barbecue, tables, chairs or other fittings. However, you may have some additional work to do before you are truly ready for that outdoor life, and this may be one of the most important jobs of all. How can you make sure that all the members of your family are as protected as possible from the dangers of the sun?

The Compromise

When you planned the installation of the pool you would undoubtedly have placed it in a strategic position so that it could bask in the sun's rays during the middle of the day. Very few people place a pool in full shade, after all, as it seems to defeat the purpose of the pool, and you will always want to ensure that the water is at an acceptable temperature. However, Australia has a very high incidence of skin cancer and you can never be too safe in this regard, so you have to install some form of protection before you can use the pool frequently.

Shade Covers

In this case, you need to look for shade covers that are custom-made specifically for the purpose of covering a pool and that can provide a very high level of UV protection. These will come in a range of different fabrics and a selection of colours so that you can choose something that fits your need or budget and that complements the decor of your home.

Various options

These shade sails can also be custom-made for your home as each property has its own requirements. Specifically, they can be configured to work perfectly and protect your family no matter where the sun is positioned in the sky. You will also be able to attach them to a surrounding structure, such as the side of your home on one side or a sturdy tree on another, and they are designed to put up with wet weather in the off-season. Some of these shade covers will have a waterproof membrane or be designed to repel standing water as needed.


Talk with your suppliers and give them your specific measurements so that they can come up with a solution for you. You will then be able to have everything installed before the season arrives.

For more information on shade covers, consult a resource in your area.