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Multiple Advantages Of Choosing T-Shirt Screenprinting For Your Promotional Materials

Most people love freebies. And for that reason, the use of promotional marketing materials is a popular technique that businesses employ to push brand awareness for increased customer acquisitions. T-shirts, undeniably, remain a top freebie for most companies, as they are an affordable investment. So how do you make your business' promotional tees stand out from the rest of the competition? The answer is in making your marketing materials as visually appealing as possible.

And one of the best ways of doing is by opting for t-shirt screen printing. Although screen printing has been around for decades, its popularity is unwavering due to the myriad of benefits it accords all kinds of businesses. If you are deliberating on how to make your promotional t-shirts stand out, consider the following two of the many advantages of choosing screen printing as your preferred technique.

Fully customisable

When looking to create promotional supplies that will be unique enough to be automatically associated with your business, the last thing you want to do is be limited to conventional graphics. However, depending on the printing technique you choose, you may find that you are confined to specific materials, colours or even inks. Screen printing does not present these problems since the technique is fully customisable to suit your individual needs.

To begin with, this technique can be employed for a range of fabrics, so you are not constrained to cotton t-shirts. In addition to this, stencils are custom produced for your particular logo, imagery, fonts and so on.  Hence, there are no limitations on what can be printed on promotional t-shirts.

Surprisingly economical

You could be thinking that since t-shirt printing is customised specifically per order, the process will cost your company an arm and a leg. However, this is not entirely true. The main thing to note about t-shirt screen printing is that it costs more for small orders that are complicated in design. The reason for this is that the more colours you need on your promotional t-shirts, the more screens that need to be employed for the colour transfer.

If you are only printing a few t-shirts, the service provider will have to recoup the cost of the screens by increasing their rate per shirt. If you want to keep your costs affordable, it is best to opt for t-shirt screen printing for bulk orders. The more t-shirts you need to be printed, the more complicated your designs can be. Conversely, you can cut costs even further by keeping your graphics limited to a couple of hues.

Further advantages of screen printing for your promotional t-shirts include quick turnaround due to printing efficiency, durable designs from the high-quality inks and so on.

For further tips on t-shirt screen printing, reach out to a screen printing company.