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Why Quick Release Wheelchair Restraints Are Almost Always The Best Option

Wheelchair restraints are a very helpful tool that allows those in wheelchairs to securely travel in most types of transport without having to awkwardly pack the chair in the boot and then be carried to a seat. Wheelchair restraints are far more dignified and are basically just a different form of seatbelt that keeps you locked in place while the car is moving. There are many different types of wheelchair restraints, but if you are looking for one that is the easiest to use for virtually everyone, then you cannot go past quick-release wheelchair restraints as your primary goal. 

Self Tension

If you have ever made a sudden movement while using a regular seatbelt then you will notice it immediately tenses and refuses to allow you to move too much, just in case of an accident. The same principle is applied to quick-release wheelchair restraints, as they make use of this feature to allow for a more well-fitted grip that is far simpler to apply to the back (or front) of the wheelchair than the alternative. Otherwise, you will be cranking the restraints until they get to the perfect amount of tautness each and every time you try to get in a car.

Set Up In Seconds

Manual wheelchair restraints can be just as strong as quick-release variants, but they will take a lot longer to set up. For those that live an active lifestyle and are constantly going in and out of the car, this can get tiresome even if you are enthusiastic about travelling and exploring new places. Quick-release restraints can often be placed on fixed points within a couple of seconds and are then ready to use straight away. Every second counts when it comes to tasks you do every day, so why not cut down on some of that time with a better invention.

Get Out Faster

While the set-up process can be annoying, there is nothing more frustrating for both you and your wheelchair-bound client or family member than having to spend a few minutes carefully unstrapping them from the restraints and allowing them to leave the vehicle. You are there and just want to enjoy the new space already and yet you are forced to wait just a little longer. Quick-release restraints generally have a single button or lever that is all you need to push to take them down and store them neatly.