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Three Indispensable Tips for Preventing Hydroponic Gardening Failure

If you are interested in hydroponic gardening, consult a specialist during the initial set-up stage. In general, a hydroponic garden is beneficial for producing crops for personal or commercial purposes. However, the success of the new garden can vary depending on the grower's skill, commitment and chosen supplies. Often, when starting this type of project, gardeners make mistakes that lead to the loss of valuable produce. If you would like to improve your success rates from your initial set-up, consider these tips for avoiding hydroponic gardening mistakes.

Maintain Water Quality

The quality of water in the hydroponic system will determine the performance of crops in the garden. Therefore, you must ensure that your water is suitable for this purpose. The best approach is conducting tests on the supply. You can purchase testing kits from your hydroponics store or other local or online shops. Alternatively, consider collecting water samples and sending them to a laboratory for analysis. The results obtained will be critical in determining the adjustments that you should make for optimal crop growth. For instance, the pH levels are critical because extreme acidity and alkalinity could harm the plants. The right pH will depend on the specific vegetables, herbs or fruits you intend to grow. Also, evaluate the dissolved salts and other elements in the water, and plan for better nutrient provision.

Purchase Good Food

You should acquire the right plant food for your hydroponic garden. Avoid using commercial fertilisers intended for growth in soil. These compounds will not ensure good performance in a soil-less set-up. They could compromise the crops and cause system damage. Choose hydroponic fertiliser in the form of liquid or granules. The specific product will dissolve readily in the water and become available to crops for optimal growth. Inquire about the availability of an automated fertiliser system for hydroponic gardens. This will minimise the labour demands of proper plant food delivery.

Check the Lighting

The quality of lighting in your hydroponic system could affect plant production. Therefore, invest in good lighting to maximise the efficiency of your set-up. If you have acquired a complete gardening kit, the right lighting will be included in the package. Building your system using different hydroponic supplies is more complex. If you choose this option, inquire about the best type of bulbs for your crops. Also, consider the scale of plant growth and purchase the right number of lighting units for the set-up. Finally, plan on cleaning the different elements of your hydroponic system to prevent clogs, contamination and disease.