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Workwear Buying Tips

Workwear is an essential element of your business operations. Besides making your employees look professional, it protects them from workplace risks and helps boost your brand. So how do you choose workwear for your employees? Below are a few tips. 

Assess Industry Standards And Regulations

Industry standards and regulations could have a significant impact on the type of clothing your employees should wear. For example, if you are in the construction industry, your employees should have protective clothing such as reflective jackets, gloves, industrial boots and helmets. If you are in the medical industry, your employees should wear lab coats and scrubs when attending to patients. 


How practical is the workwear? Remember, your employees must be comfortable. Besides, they must look professional. For example, it would be unreasonable to give your employees heavy clothing if they will be working in hot environments. Your employees should have an easy time conducting their daily activities in their workwear. For instance, if you run a restaurant, your employees might not be comfortable in heavy boots. Remember, they spend their whole day standing and doing rounds inside the establishment. 


Your employee turnover is a key determinant when deciding the durability of the workwear. For example, if you intend to run a two-day promo, you do not need to spend a lot of cash on heavy, durable fabrics. Conversely, if you run a warehouse with a low employee turnover, you should go for workwear made with durable materials such as linen and cotton.  

Branding And Customisation

If possible, you should brand the workwear with your brand name or colours. It helps increase your brand visibility. For example, if your business offers services outside the workplace, people can easily associate good work or excellent services with your company. You may also want to customise the workwear to suit the tastes of your employees. For example, a security company might want their guards to wear shirts with their names stitched on a side. 


Before asking for a quote from the various workwear manufacturing companies, conduct your due diligence to establish the quality of products each of your shortlisted companies produces. For example, you could contact some of their clients and ask them about the quality of workwear the company supplied. Besides, check whether the company offers personalised services. For example, you may want to buy uniforms in pairs when you have new employees. Finally, check how long the company takes to process orders. 

When buying workwear, examine industry standards, the practicability and durability of the workwear, the need for branding and work with reputable manufacturers.